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New AXL Notifications Feature in 10.0

AXL Developers:

A new comprehensive AXL Change Notification Feature has been added to our Administrative XML interface in Unified CM 10.0.

Due to scalability issues, the old Notification mechanism introduced in UCM 9.0 has been removed. The old notification feature only supported Users, Phones, and Lines, was never documented, and was not able to scale to meet our needs. Notification requests based on the 9.x mechanism will no longer work when using UCM release 10.0. No alternatives were available. We apologize for any inconvenience this change in direction may cause.

We are 100% confident the new 10.0 Notification feature is the right approach and aligns with our go-forward direction.

Please read the AXL Change Notification page which illustrates how your application can take advantage of this new, powerful feature
frederic gilles
I have some difficulties to find documentations on this feature, do you have some links?
Your link (AXL Change Notification) doesn't work for me, maybe I don't have access to this page.
Posted on 12/16/13 3:22 AM.
Adrienne Moherek
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I have fixed the link.
Posted on 12/26/13 9:10 AM in reply to frederic gilles.
Valerie Kan
I am still having problem with the link. When I clicked on "AXL Change Notification", I get the error "We could not find the requested page on Cisco DevNet".
Posted on 2/10/14 5:54 PM.
Adrienne Moherek
The pages URL changed again. I have updated the link.
Posted on 2/11/14 9:15 AM in reply to Valerie Kan.

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