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DX650 and the Cisco Unified Communications Manager

With the recent release of the Cisco Desktop Collaboration Experience DX650, it is important for us to clarify some of the differences that this product has over other generic Android Devices. One of these differences would be that it is connected to a Cisco Unified Communications Manager. With this connection, there are certain controls that the CUCM has over the device. These administrator controls give additional security to the DX600 Series products.
  • Android Debug Bridge - ADB
  • Allow Applications from Unknown Sources
  • Allow Applications from Android Market
  • Require Screen Lock
  • Maximum Screen Lock Timeout
  • Lock Device
  • Wipe Device
All of these controls can be changed by the system administrator of the CUCM the device is connected to. They can be accessed on the DX650 Device page. If you are the developer of an application that will be deployed on a DX650, make sure to notify users that they might need the system administrator to update these settings. For instance, if they are installing using the ADB, make sure it is enabled. Or perhaps your application is available on the Android Market, you would then need to make sure that the Android Market is enabled. Hopefully, having knowledge of these settings will save you from troubles you might encounter in the future.
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