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Summary of EnergyWise Q & A discussion Nov 16th, 2010

On Tuesday, November 16th we held a WebEx conference call with technical representatives from many of our EnergyWise CDN partners.

* Brad Schoening, Cisco
* Tom Hilliker, Eaton
* Anthony Barrera, WTI
* Bozana Radenkovic-Hadzic, Raritan
* Chris Verges, CyberSwitching
* Brian Auclair, ServerTech
* Calvin Nicholson, ServerTech
* Cheryl Blain, CloudSystems
* Ian Hutchinson, CloudSystems

Brad gave a brief overview of the Toolkits status in Alpha, our plans for a Beta release with draft documentation, and plans for an 1Q2011 prod release.

Brad also mentioned Cisco's efforts in the IETF Energy Management (EMAN) working group. The EMAN WG is developing a new standard SNMP MIB for energy management.

Anyone can join the EMAN mailing list and then post comments to it.

The key EMAN drafts are below that have been posted and comment on the mailing list are appreciated:

A Q & A session followed.

Bozana : does Cisco plan to support energy measurements (i.e., watt/hr) in addition to instantaneous power?
Brad: our IETF standards MIB draft does include energy monitoring. For EnergyWise, marketing is considering this.

Tom: I have many years experience in the power domain and would be able to help out with power concepts in the IETF EMAN drafts.
Brad: Great!

Bozana: Delta vector data for children don't show up in the CLI
Brad: The CLI has limited query capability and doesn't show all data that the MAPI can gather. I'll take a look at this specific data and review with engineering to ensure this is expected behavior.

Chris: Does Cisco have tools that can be used for regression testing partners implementations?
Brad: Excellent question. We have some internal tools and could look at what it would take to either provide them to partners or provide other test suites. We would like to have a self-certification process, and having a test suite for partners would align with that goal.

Brad: Are there software interface you would like to see provided by the EnergyWise API toolkit.
Chris: PHP wrappers would be nice
Bozana: Java for the MAPI

Bozana: Any progress on the usability enhancement for a sequence number reset. We see this as a potential difficulty when we go to QA testing and then production support.
Brad: The existing workaround is to shutdown and restart EnergyWise on the switch (note, this doesn't require a reboot of the switch itself). This feature request has been assigned bug id CSCtk58211 and is open.

Bozana: Any plans to provide direct support for 3-phase power? We'd like to see volts/amps per inlet, whether they are balanced and power factor.
Brad: We really started to address 3-phase power when developing our IETF standards drafts. It would be good to figure out ways to now enhancing EnergyWise with 3-phase power attributes.
Chris: One way is to represent each inlet as its own entity in the SDK+
Bozana: But this would lead to triple counting the results
Brad: We should think about this some more and come up with a good model.

Bozana: Any plans to support wireless PDU's?
Brad: Not directly at this time. Per switch port, we allow a single non-PoE endpoint and a single PoE endpoint. So, if you connect through an AP, you must be the only EnergyWise capable endpoint connected to that AP. Is wireless important for other PDU vendors?
Various: Yes wireless is important, not so much today, but will be important in the future.


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