Connected-Grid Testing

Interoperability Verification Testing
(IVT) offered under the program is designed to allow developers to demonstrate the interoperability of their products (application software and/or hardware) with Cisco technologies. View this diagram to understand the IVT process.

IVT varies by technology. To learn more about IVT for a particular technology, please refer to the respective Developer Center.


The Cisco Field Area Network (FAN) solution brings the first multiservice communications infrastructure to the utility field area network. It delivers applications such as Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI), Distribution Automation (DA), and Protection and Control over a common network platform. While initially targeted for the Smart Grid, the Cisco FAN solution has applicability well beyond utility applications into the related areas of sensors, smart object networks and the "Internet of Things".

Cisco offers opportunities for developing joint solutions in all of these areas to select industry partners by adding hardware and software value to the Cisco Connected Grid Router Series 1000 devices via modular hardware interfaces and software application hosting.

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Testing Requirements

Testing and certification for the Cisco Enabled Connected Grid Endpoints (CGEs) consists of a series of deliverables by the partner followed by a formal application for IVT.  Here are the milestones and deliverables:

  1. Send Cisco your CGE design schematic for review and comments prior to layout and board build.
  2. Execute the CGE diagnostics supplied by Cisco on your own CGE and send Cisco the results.
  3. Connect your CGE to the Cisco hosted head end (called CG-REDI)
  4. Review the IVT test plan (see link below) and make sure that your devices meet the pre-test requirements documented there.
  5. Send us the identified deliverables in the 'Test Entry Criteria' section of the IVT Test plan
  6. Apply for IVT testing.


   CGE IVT Master Test Plan
  18 Aug 2014: Master Test Plan for Endpoint Certification...
   CG-CDN IVT Overview.pdf
  6 May 2013: Interoperability Verification Testing Overview
  4 May 2013: IVT FAQs


There are currently no fees associated with IVT Testing.

Testing participation requires a Solution Partner Program membership, a registered product and a IVT Request. Test requests are submitted as per "Particiption" above.

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