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Finesse Developers,

I am consistently amazed at the innovative things you are doing with the Finesse API. Whether it be integrating with CRM's, headsets, Jabber, or business intelligence/analytic applications, you are delivering the kind of applications that our customers need.

To help support you and your business goals, I'm pleased to announce that we now have an IVT program for Cisco Finesse.

Program members can request IVT for Finesse (starting next week) by going to Member Services in CDN at:

Testing participation requires a CDN membership, a registered product and a IVT Request. Test requests are submitted via the Developer Dashboard, under the Registered Products Tab. Select "Actions" and "Add New IVT" next to the product to be submitted for IVT. Detailed steps can be found in section 4.5 of Partner Application Instructions under "Add New IVT Request."

Developer Partner Guide

If you have any questions or comments about the IVT program or Cisco Finesse in general, send me an email.

Ted Phipps
Cisco Finesse Product Manager


Finesse Developers,

Are you excited about Cisco Live in Orlando? We are because we're anxious to share all of the progress that the Finesse team has made over the past year. We also want to provide details on our Finesse 10.0 release.

There are two Finesse sessions this year:
  • BRKCCT1031 -- Cisco Finesse: Revolutionizing the Agent Experience
  • BRKCDN1001- Programming with the Finesse API

I will be co-presenting the programming session with Finesse Lead Architect, Gary Olmsted.

Have you built an integration to Cisco Finesse? If so, are you are interested in me showing a slide or two about your product in BRKCCT-1031? I don't provide endorsements or anything like that, but I am happy to make the attendees aware of how our development partners are using the Finesse API. Please send me an email if you are interested.

Ted Phipps


Finesse gadgets can be hosted on your own web server or on the Finesse server itself.

To host gadgets on your own web server, you host the gadget just as you would any web site. You could use IIS, Apache, etc. That is up to you.

You specify in the Finesse gadget layout (see the Finesse Administration guide) the location for files on the web server where you place the gadget files. For example for the CUIC sample gadget, on Apache web server I place the files in C:\Program Files (x86)\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\htdocs\ so that when I access the web site at http://<host>/CUIC.xml I can retrieve the xml file. The web server knows to retrieve any include files (CUIC.js and CUIC.css and finesse.js and jquery-1.5.min.js) since they are listed in CUIC.xml.

When you upload the CUIC gadget files (either to your own web server or to Finesse) be sure to also upload the required include files as listed in the Readme.txt:

Finesse.js and jquery-1.5.min.js

These files are in the finesse javascript library. Download the file finesse_javascript_library_and_samples_9.1.1.zip on the Tools section of Finesse Documentation page. Unzip the file and use the files that are in \Finesse_9.1.1\samples\GadgetSamples

Then in the gadget layout on the desktop layout tab of the Finesse Administrative desktop, you put the address of the xml file


Where <host> is the ip address of the server you have installed to host the gadget files, and <directory> is the location that you would browse to in order to retrieve the files from the web server.

For example my web server is at and the gadget files are in the CUICGadget subdirectory of my htdocs directory,
So my gadget layout has <gadget></gadget>

You modify the gadget layout using the Administrative login and going to the Desktop Layout tab. See the Finesse Administration GuideFinesse Administration guide for more details.

When Finesse retrieves the gadget xml file, the web server automatically returns any imbedded javascript and css files assuming they are in the same location with the .xml file. These files are spelled out in the CUIC.xml file as files to include.

Alternately you can host the gadget on the Finesse server if you have Finesse 9.1(x) or later . To do this, see the section "Third Party Gadgets" in the Finesse Developer Guide. You would then upload the gadget files to the Finesse server and specify in the Administrative Desktop Layout the following:


Where localhost is the Finesse server. The 3rdpartygadget/files directory is where you upload the gadgets using the 3rdpartygadget account and password.


bMost of the information you need is in this Finesse Developer Center and there is a detailed presentation for Finesse Developers here https://communities.cisco.com/docs/DOC-28452

You can explore the Finesse Developer Center http://developer.cisco.com/web/finesseand if you can’t find what you need, let us know.

For an overview of Finesse and creating Finesse gadgets http://developer.cisco.com/web/finesse/technical-overview

You will need a Finesse and UCCE lab. Getting started with that is defined here http://developer.cisco.com/web/finesse/getting-started-guide

Once you are able to work with the Finesse Agent desktop and the Cisco supplied gadgets, and are ready to develop your own gadgets, start with the Finesse Javascript Library by downloading it from the tools folder on the documentation page http://developer.cisco.com/web/finesse/documentation

The Finesse 9.1(1) version of the finesse javascript library is in finesse_javascript_library_and_samples_9.1.1.zip
Unzip the file and you will see a Gadget and Non-Gadget sample directories.
Copy the files from Finesse_9.1.1\samples\GadgetSamples to your 3rd party web server where you will be hosting your custom gadgets. (You can have the Finesse server host your gadgets by following the directions in Chapter 10 of the Finesse Developer Guide)

Then you will need to add the sample gadget to your Finesse Layout XML. For information on modifying the default layout see the Finesse Developer ppt here https://communities.cisco.com/docs/DOC-28452 and the Finesse Administration Guide
For the finesse gadget sample you will be adding something like

There is a presentation on creating a Finesse gadget here https://communities.cisco.com/docs/DOC-28452

Next try downloading and installing the other sample gadgets in the Sample Gadgets directory. You might start with Screenpop.zip
You can see a video on how to modify the screenpop gadget to screenpop your own url here: http://developer.cisco.com/web/finesse/videos

That should get you started. If you have any questions you can post them here or in a new forum thread.


I. Disclaimer

The SampleGadget_WebService sample gadget is intended to serve as an example of
using the gadgets.io.makerequest function to make a request of a web server that is
accessible via Finesse server.

This is only a sample and is NOT intended to be a production quality
gadget and will not be supported as such. It is NOT guaranteed to
be bug free. It is merely provided as a guide for a programmer to see
how to use gadgets.io.makerequest.

The sample contains the following files:


This gadget sample is made available to Cisco partners and customers as
a convenience to help minimize the cost of Cisco Finesse customizations.
Please see the readme.txt in the finesse javascript libraries zip
for futher information about the Finesse libraries.

II. Requirements

The following includes:

finesse.js (SampleGadget_WebService has been tested with Finesse 9.1(1)

III. Usage
Edit the gadget to point to your webserver (see SampleGadget_WebService.docx)

Add the gadget to the finesse layout.

Place the HelloWorld.xml on your web server that is accessible via the Finesse web server.
(To determine if a server is accessible from Finesse Server,utilize the 'ping' command
from the Finesse console.)

Login an agent and click MakeRequest on the SampleGadget_WebService gadget
and the text: Jane Doe 123456 should be displayed (see SampleGadget_WebService.docx)


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