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Technical Overview of Cisco GED-125

Not sure Cisco GED-125 is right for you and your organization? The technical overview describes the basics: how to use, where it fits in the architecture, and some requirements.

The IVR-PG protocol provides for IVR (VRU) applications/systems to communicate with the ICM and Contact Center Enterprise/Hosted system to provide VRU status and data to ICM, make ICM requests, or handle ICM instructions.

The IVR-PG protocol is a TCP/IP socket based protocol. There is no SDK for this interface and therefore a developer is required to write directly to the socket layer. Alternatively, Cisco Advanced Services has a Java wrapper which can be used to integrate applications using the IVR-PG protocol. This wrapper is a cost effective option in order to reduce development time and accelerate time to market. Customers should first review the Advanced Services offering before building their own socket based IVR-PG protocol application.. Details on this wrapper and the IVR-PG protocol are available in this Technology Center

Review the Developer Guide

Review the Developer Guide

This guide includes installation and configuration instructions, plus developer success stories.

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   IVR PG Protocol.pdf
  2 Aug 2011: IVR PG Protocol revision v3.0d

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