Collaboration Testing

Interoperability Verification Testing
(IVT) offered under the program is designed to allow developers to demonstrate the interoperability of their products (application software and/or hardware) with Cisco technologies. View this diagram to understand the IVT process.

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IVT varies by technology. To learn more about IVT for a particular technology, please refer to the respective Developer Center.


This Solution Partner Program technology category utilizes lab test execution based on Cisco criteria as the method for validating interoperability. Once the program member has developed the integration and fully tested it in their own lab, they will submit an Interoperability Verification Request (IVT) via the Solution Partner Program partner Dashboard. The IVT will be scheduled with an authorized lab based on technology and lab availability. All testing with Cisco Unified Communications products is at cost to the program member. Preferred Solution Partners are required to test per the program guidelines. Solution Partners may participate in IVT to obtain a Compatibility Logo for this technology.

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Testing Requirement

Testing is required for Preferred Solution Partner level. Solution Partner may optionally test to receive a Compatibility logo. See technology center details for program specific criteria and re-testing requirements.

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IVT Support Documentation

   UC Accessory Manager Developer Guide
  5 Apr 2013: 
   UC Accessory Manager API
  5 Apr 2013: 
   VTG IVT Test Methodology.pdf
  5 Apr 2013: 
   VTG IVT FAQ.pdf
  5 Apr 2013: 
   UC IVT Overview-2013 External.pdf
  5 Apr 2013: 

Sandbox Overview

Sandbox is a cloud service provided to help customers, partners, and developers quickly integrate their solutions with  Cisco Unified Communications (UC) technologies. Sandbox allows users to remotely integrate with these UC technologies through a collaboration environment in the cloud. Users are able to access and use Cisco infrastructure off-premises. Users can quickly connect to a shared environment. Alternatively, users can reserve time on a dedicated UC network where they can select a Rich UC lab topology that best serves their testing needs. For a detailed overview, visit our UC Sandbox page

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Partners are required to complete a statement of work and are responsible for all fees associated with the testing. Partners may also be required to ship equipment for proprietary HW solutions, assist with product configuration and provide onsite or on call support for testing execution.

Pricing is based on the lab model used. All prices are USD and may be vary based on integration methods.

Contact Center- $14,400 * Enterprise UC- $9,880.00 * Branch/Remote Site - $4,680.00 (Effective 3/17/2014)

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Branding Assets: Logos, Banners & more

Promote your Cisco relationship with these branding assets.

Available to:

  • Strategic Solution Partner
  • Preferred Solution Partner
  • Solution Partner

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