Media Services Proxy Testing

Interoperability Verification Testing
(IVT) offered under the program is designed to allow developers to demonstrate the interoperability of their products (application software and/or hardware) with Cisco technologies. View this diagram to understand the IVT process.

IVT varies by technology. To learn more about IVT for a particular technology, please refer to the respective Developer Center.


Medianet Systems Management IVT program is a key requirement for being recognized as a "Solution Developer" partner and to be eligible for go-to-market activities.

The main objectives of the IVT include:

  • Ensure vendor tool reports the metrics collected by the network elements & endpoints accurately
  • Ensure metrics are correctly interpreted by reports
  • Ensure that tool can function across multiple platforms
  • Understand the scope (coverage) and capabilities of the network management tool

Please refer to the Medianet Systems Management IVT guidelines for a description of the use cases and a listing of the test cases for each feature.

To view a list of which partners have been been through the Medianet Systems Management CDN interoperability verification and testing (IVT) process please visit:

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Testing Requirement

Testing participation requires a CDN membership, a registered product and a IVT Request. Test requests are submitted via the Developer Dashboard, under the Registered Products Tab. Select "Actions" and "Add New IVT" next to the product to be submitted for IVT. Detailed steps can be found in section 5.5 of Partner Application Instructions under "Additional Resources" at:

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  8 Apr 2013: 
  8 Apr 2013: 


There are currently no fees associated with the IVT. However, partners expected to cover costs of visit to lab for IVT, install their tool in the lab and run test cases in the presence of the IVT review team.

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