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Technical Overview

Not sure if Mobility Services are right for you and your organization? The technical overview describes the basics: how to use, where it fits in the architecture, and some requirements.

The Mobility Services API is can be leveraged to enhance and personalize different components of the Connected Mobile Experiences solution. Built into the Mobility Services Engine (MSE), the Mobility Services API allows organizations to develop solutions that utilize real-time intelligence gathered from the Wi-Fi network to enable devices, people and technology to interact more effectively by integrating business processes with real-time contextual information about items such as location, temperature, availability of a user or mobile asset. All that data can be made available to any business application that needs it through the Mobility Services API, which is based on Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and XML protocol. Access to this API is available to CDN members and allows a full integration into the business processes of customers. Click here to get started.

iOS7 update! :With release 7.6 MSE is introducing a new notification called AssociationEvent in 7.6. The association event is sent when a device is associated, it sends MAC address, IP address, AP MAC address. You can use this event to tie the IFDA with the MAC address since the app has access to IP address, BSSID, IFDA. The user would need to associate to the network at the venue only once.  See documentation on the feature here.


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