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Media Services Proxy (MSP) is one of the Medianet Media Awareness features. Media Awareness helps the network to become application and rich-media context aware end to end. The network works together with the video endpoints and applications for optimal quality of experience for end-users and improved visibility for IT.

Media Services Proxy uses lightweight packet inspection techniques on standards-based signaling protocols. Media Services Proxy produces flow metadata attributes that can be shared among network nodes. MSP uses a variety of standard signaling protocols (SDP, SIP, H.323, H.245, RTSP, mDNS, etc.) to learn about the characteristics of endpoints and applications from legacy systems and 3rd party endpoints, allowing sharing of flow attributes amongst network nodes. The information learnt can be seamlessly integrated with various other services in the network like bandwidth reservation for flows, differential treatment for these flows along the network and easy deployment of end points in the network.


Media Awareness helps organizations:

  • Differentiate business-critical applications and determine the importance of a session based on its business value so the network can consistently provide service assurance and optimal user experience

  • Extract actionable application information from the network

Media Services Proxy:

  • Makes the network a plug and play platform for deploying media end points by simplifying provisioning and delivering relevant network services to them.

  • Facilitates faster deployment of your endpoints/solutions and make integration of end point/solution with the network less error prone.

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