Information For Customers

The Cisco Developer Network helps Cisco customers get even more value from their existing network investment. By creating an ecosystem of third-party developers, it exponentially expands the number and quality of rich, new business solutions available for customers taking advantage of Cisco’s powerful network platform.

Participation levels based on demonstrated customer success and satisfaction

In addition, to assist customers with vendor selection and purchasing decisions, companies offering these solutions participate in one of three successive levels in the program based on their ability to demonstrate quality product development capabilities, verification of product interoperability, 24 hour, 7 days a week customer support, and a proven track record of customer success:

  • Registered Developer (entry-level)
  • Solution Developer (mid-level)
  • Preferred Solution Developer (top-level)
Please refer to our participation levels page for a detailed description of each level.
"Cisco Compatible" means tested interoperability
What’s more, when a company displays the Cisco Compatible logo in association with their product offering, it means that the specified version of this product has successfully completed interoperability verification testing (IVT) with a specific Cisco product and version, based on testing criteria set forth by Cisco.  Learn more about IVT.

Customers who choose Cisco Compatible offerings benefit by having faster, more successful deployments and knowing that Cisco and the company will work together to resolve any issues concerning interoperability (see Coordinated Support for Partner Applications below).

Cisco Developer Network program members are required to reference a disclaimer (see below), that includes identifying their product/version and the Cisco product/version that have been tested, whenever they use the Cisco Compatible logo in their materials.
[Compatible Product Name, version #] has tested compatible with [Cisco Product Name, version #]. The Cisco Compatible logo signifies that [name of program member] product has undergone interoperability testing by [name of program member] together with Cisco based on testing criteria set by Cisco. [Name of program member] is solely responsible for the support and warranty of its product. Cisco makes no warranties, express or implied, with respect to [name of program member]] product or its interoperation with the listed Cisco product(s) and disclaims any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular use, or against infringement.
If you have any questions or need assistance, please email us at

Members of the Cisco Developer Network program that have the Cisco Compatible logo associated with their product have undergone Cisco approved testing when integrating their products with Cisco products. Once successful testing is completed, the third party technology partner is required to provide support for their particular product, while Cisco maintains support for its core product. 

On occasion, a customer that has a tested third party application installed may place a call to Cisco for what is in actuality a third party product support issue. In these instances, Cisco will direct its customers to the third party for resolution.   If the problem is a joint integration or API issue between the products, Cisco will work with the third party in a coordinated fashion to address the interoperability issue. This coordinated support is designed to provide quick problem identification and joint problem resolution for customers that have implemented a tested Cisco and Cisco Developer Network third party solution. Cisco has established a support relationship with the third party’s technical support organization whereby Cisco and the third party have a documented support process and escalation procedures in order to provide a coordinated support experience for customers where there is an integration issue with tested products. Per this coordinated support process, it is the responsibility of the third party to open up a case with Cisco Developer Support to resolve the integration issue.
Please refer to our coordinated support overview presentation for more detailed information.