Getting Started


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Why join?
By becoming part of the program, developers can employ a rich set of resources enabling them to:
·         Develop complementary offerings using Cisco technology and technical tools and resources available on the Cisco Developer Network portal
·         Directly access developer support made available as part of the program
·         Participate in virtual and in-person developer training and events
·         Purchase discounted Cisco hardware and software for lab and demonstration use
·         Perform Interoperability Verification Testing (IVT) designed to meet their deployment needs
·         Market “Cisco Compatible” offerings by taking advantage of the many benefits available - program logos, PR support, developer directory listings, internal- and customer-facing event participation with Cisco, and more
·         Sell their “Cisco Compatible” offerings, potentially utilizing the various sales engagement benefits and programs that directly connect you to Cisco’s broad sales channels
Success Stories
Learn how companies have benefited from being a Cisco Developer Network technology partner.
  • Nice Systems (PDF – 479 KB)
    Recording and Analysis Developer Gains Opportunity to Capture New Business
  • Aria SpA (PDF - 390 KB)
    Italian broadband provider accelerates business process transformation with innovative three-way partner engagement model
Who may qualify to join?
The program is designed for businesses that develop, market, and sell products or services that complement and/or enhance Cisco’s network platform. Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), Independent Hardware Vendors (IHVs), and Systems Integrators (SIs) are just some of the examples of businesses that may qualify for the program. 
Any individual who is interested in using Cisco technologies to develop complementary applications can register to become a member of the Cisco Developer Network community and gain access to development tools and resources.
How does it work?
There are three participation levels in the program:
·         Registered Developer (entry-level participation)
·         Solution Developer (mid-level participation)
·         Preferred Solution Developer (the highest level of participation)
Most will enter the program as Registered Developers. Others may enter as Solution Developers or Preferred Solution Developers based on past achievement, satisfaction of applicable participation level requirements, and/or participation and achievement in other Cisco programs.
Developers can participate under one or more technology categories, which describe the functionality offered by their products. They are eligible to take advantage of a set of entitlements, based on their participation level and satisfaction of applicable requirements, to help support every phase of their development and business cycles. Solution Developers and Preferred Solution Developers may also qualify for additional add-on go-to-market benefits and other optional benefits upon satisfaction of applicable requirements and achievement.
Registered Developers and Solution Developers may qualify for the next level of participation by satisfying specific participation level advancement and points criteria. Developers can earn points by demonstrating 24/7 customer support capability, establishing labs for development and/or testing, entering closed deals, and providing customer references.