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Rewards Program

Turn your Cisco Developer Network membership into Cisco rewards!

To enhance your CDN engagement, we have joined with Cisco Preferred Access to reward you for your CDN participation! You participate in CDN, as you always do, and we’ll reward you with special Cisco Preferred Access points that can be used to purchase electronics, brand name merchandise, or Cisco-related discounts.

Seven Ways To Earn Points

  • Discussion forum: Posting or responding to threads: 250 Points

  • Blog: Responses: 125 Points

  • Marketplace Solutions Catalog:  Profile completion,  one-time:  2500 Points

  • Webinar Participation:  For each session you attend:  2500 Points

  • Developer Forum:  5,000 Points

  • Twitter:  Follow us: one-time 250 points

  • Facebook: Like us:  one-time 250 points

How To Redeem

  • You will receive a notice from CDN each month you earn CDN rewards.

  • If you have already registered for CPA, go here to log in and check your latest points total and redeem them for rewards.

  • If you have not registered for CPA yet, you need to register here, to view the points you’ve earned, review your activity history, or manage your account information


Valuable Rewards

Choose from these and other rewards:

  • Audio and Video systems

  • Cameras

  • GPS systems

  • Cisco-branded Merchandise

  • Technical Books/E-books

  • VIP Seats At Cisco Events

  • Free Conference Passes

  • Charitable Donations In Your Name