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Lemnos is a three-year program funded by the US Department of Energy (DoE) for Smart Grid security interoperability. The project partners and participants include government entities, private parties, and vendors; including Sandia National Laboratories (SNL), Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), EnerNex Corp., Schweitzer Electric Laboratories (SEL), Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), Siemens, and Cisco, among others.

The Lemnos project is dedicated to developing interoperability test frameworks for widely available cyber security functions and protocols, like IPsec, SSH, Syslog and LDAP, as applicable to the Smart Grid. The Lemnos work includes both defining Interoperable Configuration Profiles (ICPs) for protocols as well as organizing "plug-fests" between participating vendors for the defined ICPs. Here is an example of the Lemnos ICP for IPSec: IPSec ICP

The Lemnos project is commendable in its goals and accomplishments:
  • Defining functional requirements for smart grid cyber security based on asset owner needs.
  • Selecting open standards and creating open specifications to meet the identified functional requirements.
  • Developing interoperable configuration profiles for these specifications.
  • Providing a framework and venue for testing interoperability between vendors.

There were two Lemnos plug-fest events this year that occurred in Knoxville, TN (EPRI site). The June event was to prepare for the demo in August. At the August event, the observers also included (in addition to DoE), several electric generation and utility companies. Cisco joined in at both of these events and successfully demonstrated IPsec interoperability with all of the participating vendors.


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