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Welcome to the Cisco TelePresence Developer forum! This forum is for integrators and developers only. The topics should be around device integration and development of solutions with Cisco TelePresence equipment only. This is NOT a product support channel. If you have support related questions please contact your local Cisco representative. Topics not following the above rules may be removed  from the forum. Topics that drift off into flame wars or go way off topic may also be removed without further notice.

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 The forum is moderated by R&D and our aim is to answer your questions as soon as possible. If we cannot resolve your issues immediately we will try to give you feedback indicating when you may expect an answer.

Note that in no circumstances are we able or even allowed to give any promises regarding new products, firmware updates, new features, release dates etc. before they are officially released.

If your question is for a specific product please include both the device type (e.g. Codec C60 or Codec 3000 MXP) and software version (e.g. TC 2.1 or F8.0) for us to be able to answer as accurate as possible.