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Much of the content in this site is from the old TANDBERG Developer Zone (developer.tandberg.com). But we have extended it to also include the new Telepresence AV integration program.

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This is not a general product support site. For support, please contact your Cisco representative. This site focuses on products relevant for integrators and developers.


Cisco TC Console application released

Cisco TC Console for Integrator C Series has been released. This application allows you to configure the Video Compositing of Codec C90, C60 and C40 without the need for any programming. More information can be found on the Cisco TC Console download page.

Crestron module for Codec C90 and C60

We  have Crestron modules for the Codec C90 and C60 available for download. You can find the modules by selecting the codecs from under the product tab.

AMX and Crestron modules now available for TANDBERG PrecisionHD cameras

AMX and Crestron modules for the TANDBERG PrecisionHD 1080p and TANDBERG PrecisionHD 720p Cameras are available.

These allow for full direct control of the cameras over serial port using VISCA. You find links to the modules from the Product pages of the cameras under the Products tab.

AMX module for Codec C90 and C60

We now also have the AMX module for the Codec C90 and C60 available for download. You can find the module on the products pages for the codecs under the product tab.

TC5.0 API documentation for Codec C90, C60, C40 and C20

We have now released HTML based API documentation for Codec C90C60 + C40 and C20. This documentation may be viewed online or downloaded to your computer for offline usage. You will find the links under the relevant Product pages.