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We would like to apply for Prefered Solution Developer and we have the following questions. We understand that we will need to send you first references from Manufacturers, Cisco or End Clients.
1.    We are not sure whether Infocomm Certified staff is required because in the checklist it is not mentioned, but it is mentioned in the excel document.  At the Preferred level it is a requirement to have a CTS-D, CTS-I or a new certification by AQAV ¿ RQT , sign off on the three checklists required at that level.  Those are Design, Staging and Commissioning. 
2.    As far as the project list is concerned, could you kindly confirm what are the minimum requirements for each project. Can we use a project with one or two systems? Yes  Does the project need to have a certain amount of other equipment, e.g. control systems and so on? The project should have some sophistication to show the capability of your company.  A project that required hanging a single monitor with no other equipment involved would not qualify.  A control system is a good criteria for inclusion. 
Can we use our demo center installation? (We have a two rooms, one custom Studio Room with a C90 and two screen/two cameras + two touch screens/data screens and one boardrooms with C40, two screens, touch panel, etc)   That would be fine.
Can we use a T3 installation that we did as GDS partners?  The T3 systems are pre-designed.  We are looking for custom projects performed by your company. 
Can we use an installation ¿ integration we did with Cisco products already owned by the customer?  Yes
3.    What is required to prove evidence of working with local Cisco Channel Teams?  Reply with a list of names and contacts of those you are working with. 
4.    What is required to prove evidence of Business Development Resource?  The name and contact of the person at your company that will be responsible for that effort.
5.    What is required as documentation for 24 x 7 support? A copy of contract with a customer?  A statement by a company principal that 24 x 7 is available and will be offered on Cisco projects.