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Frequently Asked Questions

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The FAQ lists the most common questions facing XDE users. If you have a question which isn't answered here or within the XDE resources, post your question on the forum.


How do I install XDE on platform X?#

The XDE SDK has been tested on Windows and is available for both Windows and Linux. However the plug-in should also work on other platforms. See the install page for details on how to install or request a version of XDE for another platform.

About XDE#

Is XDE only for writing diagnostic procedures? #

No, XDE can be used in any field where there is a need to automate and orchestrate device interaction procedures. XDE has been used in the diagnostic field, for instance in products such as Cisco's IP Solution Centre.

Can XDE only talk to IOS devices? #

No, XDE can potentially talk to any device or information source. Out of the box, XDE can talk to a range of sources using protocols such as telnet, SSHv2, JDBC and SNMP.

What is PAL, how does it fit in with XDE? #

PAL stands for the Protocol Abstraction Layer. PAL is component used by XDE to provide an abstract view of the data source layer. This means that XDE procedures are shielded from device version and type differences when retrieving data. PAL provides many tools for creating normalised XML representations of device output.

Using the SDK#

Where can I find the user guide for the SDK? #

The SDK user guide is available from the eclipse help system. Within eclipse open the Help menu and select Help Contents. The user guide and other XDE documentation is provided.

How do I configure a device inventory? #

XDE can be configured to use different types of inventory provider. Within the SDK, the simplest inventory implementation is a properties file. To define the location of this file, open the XDE preferences via the Window menu and Preferences option. The inventory type by default is a property file and the location can be defined using the property "InventoryFileLocation". See the inventory video for more details on this.

Can I debug my procedure? #

Yes, XDE is a complete development environment and includes many of the features you would expect when working with other eclipse based tools. To debug a procedure, select the step you wish to stop on and choose "Toggle Breakpoint" from the Run menu. You can then debug the procedure by creating a Debug Configuration from the Run menu.

I'd like to upload my package to the XDE package repository, how do I create an XDE package from my project? #

Right click on the project within the file navigator and choose "Export as XAR" or "Export as XPA". Complete the wizard to select a project and export it a location of your choice.

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