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Share packages using the XDE package repository

The XDE Package Repository is the central location where developers can share XDE source code. This could be workflow procedures, device interaction packages, analysis flow diagrams or any XDE file. The repository is a location where developers can search for existing functionality to be re-used in a new project. Equally, developers can upload new content or contribute to existing projects. This tutorial will show you how to start sharing content.

Accessing the package repository #

The repository is hosted on the CDN project center and can be accessed via the resources tab or by clicking here. All XDE CDN users are given access to the repository. This can take up to 24 hours from CDN registration, however a confirmation email will be sent to you when your access has been granted. If you do not receive an email or continue to have have difficulty gaining access, please contact us.

Once logged into the CDN project centre, you will land on the XDE package repository page, as shown below. You can also navigate to this page via Projects > XDE > Files.  Package Repository Files Page

Downloading Content #

The package repository lists all the XDE content which is available for download. Looking at the files listed, you can see the package name in the leftmost column. The Maturity column gives an indication of the stability of a package. For instance, prototypes will be typically marked as Beta but more mature packages will be marked as Production/Stable or Mature.

Clicking the package name will l show a list of all the releases associated with a package. For further details on the contents of a release, click the release name that you are interested in. To download a file, simply click on the filename from the release you require.

 Package Releases

If you are unsure of the content you require, you can search the repository for content matching key words. From the menu on the left, select Search. Enter the keywords to search for, select to search "This Projects Releases" and optionally enter a date range to search between.

 Package Search

Uploading Content #

Uploading content comes in two forms; uploading a new package and uploading a new release. If your are adding new content that has no previous version in the repository, you must first create a package. From the files page, click the "Manage Packages" button. This will display all existing packages and provide options to edit these. To add a new package, click the "Add new Frs Package" button. You are now presented with a form for creating the package. Enter the name of the package to be created. Ensure the "Visible" option is selected to ensure all users can see the new package. If you wish only users of the XDE project to be able to see the package, leave the "Public" option unchecked. Check this option to allow all users to have access. Finally select "Require Login" if you wish that only users who are currently logged into GForge can view the File. Click "Add" to create the package.

 Adding a new Package

Once a package exists, we can add a new release. From the package list, select "Edit Releases". On the releases page, select "Add Release". We can now enter all the details for the release and upload the file(s) to be included. Note for a file to be visible to other users, it must be marked as "Released". If you wish to have the file published at some later date, ensure that the released option is checked and specify a specific release date. You can add up to 5 files to a single release. In general, XDE and PAL packages should be exported as XAR or XPA files and uploaded in this form. You can help other developers by specifying an accurate development status for the content, ranging from being in the planning stage through to being a mature package.

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